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Alfredo Zagaceta | Artist Story

From his humble beginnings in the Ucayali region, Alfredo studied and apprenticed with the infamous Amazonian artist Pablo Amaringo in Pucallpa. Don Pablo, as they called him, is best known for his Neo-Amazonico style landscapes and for founding the USKO-AYAR Amazonian School of Painting. During a four year period, in exchange for his school tuition, Don Pablo graciously allowed Alfredo to live with him and work off the cost.

Alfredo helped with everything from daily chores to teaching art classes and during this time immersed himself in the jungle wisdom taught by Don Pablo. While receiving the transmissions of the spirit realm, Alfredo learned to delve into and feel the resonance of the spirit dimension within the jungle kingdom and to interpret its essence onto the canvas.

Through this context, Alfredo has participated in many collective art exhibitions throughout Peru, the United States, Europe, Japan and Norway. Today, Alfredo lives with his family in Pucallpa, paints in the Neo-Amazonico style, and often works with the well known healer Don Jose Campos. He says that his passion is painting, and that he will paint until he can no longer lift a brush.

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